Star Wars Occupied front


Adventure away and damage close to home

Still unsure how to smuggle Strax’s goods into the city, Daniel Ternax decided to take the holiday that he told the Imperials he was going to take all along with Liv Corvus, Dr. Wellington Yueh, Rick makepeace, and Rick’s new friend (and the one who was to deliver the goods) San. The five of them spent the next three days away knowing that Yueh had asked the upstart mountain rebels to find a way into the city. When they returned there was such a way. A speeder had collided with part of the city wall and there was now a gap. The area was being cleaned up by Imperial troops but fortunately they had asked for assistance from Camillian forces allowing Daniel and Yueh to bluff their way through.

The group retired to Strax’s (and Rick took the opportunity to stash his stolen crystals in the toilets) and despite never having asked for payment the group was paid a collective 2000 credits and offered free drinks. Rick took his drinks as “Ternaxs”, Daniel was going to but seemed content with Yueh’s prototype “Ternax cure”. Yueh then got Rick into a fight in an attempt to distract him enough to give him the “cure”.
Then the door burst open and four individuals came in and shot Strax.

Daniel got up on a table yelling “For Strax!” dealing a little damage before being taken down. Rick shot down two of them and then made a shot through some of Strax’s product to cause a green explosion, killing one more attacker and sending the last running outside in flames. Yueh took the opportunity to attempt to save Strax who was in a bad way but with proper assistance might live. Rick meanwhile was unable to stop the last attacker from running into traffic leaving him in a similar critical condition. Soon an ambulance was called.

Daniel woke up in the hospital in the same room as Mago, where he was informed that both Strax and the last attacker where still in surgery and that the attacker was being guarded by Dyce Randen and Jaiden Mello. Jaiden came over and Daniel asked her if she thought the attack was directed at Strax or himself, to which she could only say that it is well known that he associated with Strax and spends time at his bar. Rick looked around and found that while the attacker was in a well maintained guarded surgery room, Strax was in a smaller more forgotten branch.
Yueh came to Daniel and said that without additional assistance Strax would likely die but that if he did it could effectively eliminate all of Daniel’s criminal connections in one go, after some thought Daniels only response was, “Sorry Strax”.

What a guy



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