Star Wars Occupied front

Casual weekend Drive

The Ternax household decide to get away from it all

The declaring of martial law and reallocation of security on Camilla effected many in the Capital many for the worse, among them was local businessman Strax who was expecting a shipment that might not receive as warm a welcome as he would like once it made it to the city gates fortunately Strax could always call on his good friend Daniel Ternax for assistance Daniel of corse was happy to assist. Liv Corvus was able to procure a vehicle from “cousin Berric” and Dr. Wellington Yueh and Rick makepeace decided to come along for the ride.

Daniel claimed he was leaving for a brief (3 day) holiday to get away from his wife but was soon traveling up the theoretically unused mountain path, fortunately Liv was a good enough driver to get them through more or less safely, that is until they where ambushed by a couple of individuals with blaster rifles there was a short fight before Daniel was able to negotiate a truce he then tried to scale the mountain up to their attackers but having failed allowed Liv to follow their directions to drive onward.

The group was led to where the five young Camillian citizens had begun to set up a small resistance to the Imperial occupation apparently inspired by Michael Makepeace (What. A. Guy.) it was also revealed that they had attacked the transport Strax had been waiting for and captured the driver. The driver (San) was quite hostile but Yueh was able to negotiate while Daniel and Rick inspected the cargo, apparently a strange type of crystal and quite a lot of it. Rick hoped there was enough f it that no one would miss a few if he quietly pocketed them.

after all this the question remained How could this cargo be smuggled into the city?



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