Star Wars Occupied front

5th Legion

The Empire become aware of an organised rebellion

In the captured Imperial outpost Daniel Ternax received word that more Imperials would be arriving to pick up the prisoners, enough Imperials that he knew that he had to leave, additionally he received word from Planetary Governor William Cornelius Ortega that he was to attend an important meeting back in the capital. While Rick makepeace executed the remaining troopers and Liv Corvus secured transportation and left evidence that a larger force had attacked, Daniel made a point to keep the scout that he had impersonated (Jim) alive telling him to leave the planet, he also named his rebellion “5th Legion” and burnt a 5 into a wall. As the party left with three Imperial trucks, the bace’s prisoners and the armoury’s guns Liv contacted “Cousin Beric” to arrange a place for them to go and indeed the trucks and weapons where traded for discretion.

Daniel was then able to arrive late to his meeting where he found out that an Imperial troop transport had been expertly attacked apparently by one man as a result at least as a temporary measure one hundred Imperial troops would be added to the capital along with another ten thousand to spread amongst the planet, additionally more security checks would be added to the palace and the most important guarding positions including the entrances and exits of the city would be guarded exclusively by the new Imperial troops. Daniel did not raise a protest to any of these measures,

In more Important news Rick “The Ion Cannon” makepeace was scheduled to fight Val “Iceman” Kazansky at Strax‘s. At first Rick wanted to throw the fight and bet against himself but pride got the better of him at the last moment before the fight his companions however had already bet against him. Val got in some good hits early on but Rick was able to get hold of his arm, force him to his knees and do some serious damage before long it looked soon to be over with Val on his hands and knees at the edge of the ring, but Rick was unable to finish him and Val broke his leg, Rick tried to fight on but a stomp to the same leg finished him, leaving Val the winner and Rick Yueh’s responsibility.

Not to long after Daniel was called into another meeting where he was briefed on the information Jim had reported about the base attack although fortunately he could not Identify any of the attackers as he spent the attack unconscious. In response Planetary Governor William Cornelius Ortega declared the Camillian capital to be in a state of martial law.



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