Rick makepeace

Head security agent


Age 31
Race Human
Height 6’1
Build tall and fit
Eyes green
Hair Black

Rick grow up in a normal family. His father was a builder and underground fighter mother was a stay at home mother who looked after Rick, his younger Brother Michael and younger sister Kelly. Rick was not the most popular boy in school and with a little help from his father learnt that most of his problem could be fix with his fists. Rick lives his life by the words his father keep on telling him “Always get the first shoot in”

The only thing that Rick was good at in life was Grav-Ball and after years of hard work, blood , sweat and lots of practice. And after 2 years he became captain of his schools team. This was the best thing that had ever happened to Rick and his parents was starting to show a little bit of pride towards him. That was untill his Brother joined the team. And after only 3 games Rick lost his captains position to Michael. Rick was told it was due to an knee injury but Rick knew the truth.

It seemed that nothing that Rick did was never good enough for his parents. That was untill after school. When Rick joined the local security agency as a sharp shooter and became known as the best shoot on the force. His parents finally started to show Rick the love that he was looking for his entire life and over 6 years climb to the rank of Sargent. Life was starting to come together for Rick he was the best shoot on the force he had a girlfriend that loved him his father even told him once that he was proud of him. That was untill his sister Kelly joined the force. Kelly was not a better shot than Rick but she was a better agent and better boxer then Rick and with in a year was promoted to captain. After Kelly was promoted the love from his mother and father vanished. He had become angery both at home and work And a year later Rick was fired due to a street thug Rick had beaten a confession out of him. Rick had lost it all his job his girlfriend the respect of his family and spent the next year in a number of bars around the city he heard that a Nobel family was looking for a head of security


Rick makepeace

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