Liv Corvus


Tall and lean, Liv still looks a little like a street rat, even in uniform.


Raised by her grandmother, Lydia, Liv never met her parents. There were whispers, rumours of Imperials taking them away, but none would discuss it directly.

But her life was otherwise normal. Lydia worked hard to provide for the small family, and as soon as she was old enough, Liv helped where and how she could. Luckily, their neighbourhood was a close-knit sort of affair, and folks were more than happy to offer her odd jobs here and there.

Helping the locals work on their speeders, she developed a knack for getting more speed, more maneuverability out of the vehicles. This of course led her to find a niche with a not-quite-legal racing scene, and the rest went from there. Tinkering led to driving, which led to racing. But with the Imperial presence on her world getting more obvious, Liv knew it was a matter of time before she ended up dead or in prison. So it was time to turn legit.

Liv Corvus

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