Daniel Ternax

Noted member of the Ternax noble family


An heir to a prominent Camillan noble house. Now left on the wrong side of a political landscape, who must now rally an uprising or be crushed beneath the Imperial machine.


Prior to the Empire setting its sights on the quiet world of Camilla. Daniel was merely a relaxed soul and heir to the Ternax house. He spent his days enjoying a dual lifestyle. He would enjoy the excess and luxury that came with being from a wealthy background during the night, and by day he would busy himself appreciating art, politics, and the finer things Camillan society had to offer. A young man trying to be both a sage and a playboy as well.

Perhaps it was the destruction of Alderaan, or the Empire’s demands to submit, but something changed in Daniel. He become less of a pacifist. He stoked the people and other noble houses to vote against accepting the Empire’s demands. However when they time came to vote the Camillan aristocracy voted to surrender to the Empire without firing a single shot. Angered by what he saw as cowardice, and possibly corruption, the lesser houses voted en masse to surrender. Those houses have since enjoyed a rise in their wealth and status and this has furthered Daniel’s belief that they were all paid to vote by the Empire.

Perhaps further complicating things Daniel married Kimberly Steadtler to consolidate an alliance with the Steadtler house. Now the two enjoy what can be called a strained marriage.

From a relaxed playboy aristocrat to a hardened revolutionary Daniel Ternax is committed to driving the Empire from his home, or being another martyr that others can draw inspiration from.

Daniel Ternax

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