Alyssa-Straun Hammer


Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: 5’7"
Build: Busty and Stout
Hair: Golden blonde
Eyes: Blue

Alyssa is usually dressed in either overalls or heavy cargo pants with a singlet and her trusty utility belt on her hips. She spends most of her time covered in grease, generally trying to wipe her hands on a handy oily cloth when called from the garage to the main house.
When she isn’t working Alyssa generally wears heavy cargo pants, a red singlet and a worn black leather jacket along with her utility belt and tools.


Alyssa is the eldest child of a family of six, that has close familial ties to the Staedtler family through their mother (2nd cousin to the current head of the Staedtler family). Her father (Oram-Jacen Hammer) is a small-time local mechanic in the lower regions of Camilla’s capital. With the death of Alyssa’s mother when she was 8, Oram found it difficult to both work and take care of his family. Contacting the Staedtler family, Alyssa was sent to the main house to become the playmate of Kimberly Ternax nee Staedtler, one of the heiresses of the family.

After Kimberly turned 18, Alyssa (15) was sent back to her family where she helped her father in the garage, learning how to repair and rebuild speeders and other land vehicles. When she wasn’t helping her father Alyssa scoured the local junk yards in the area, coming across a decommissioned mouse droid which she repaired and aptly named ‘squeaky’. This was the first step in Alyssa’s interest in robots, which bloomed into a obsession. To test her skills and fund her obsession, Alyssa started participating in illegal robot fighting rings.

Being underestimated due to her looks and mouse droid, Alyssa gained quite a reputation in the underground as a ruthless robot fighter. Known as ‘Stronghammer’ she eventually started running with an underground gang where she was able to sneak into imperial garrisons and steal their ‘latest and greatest’ robotics gear to use and modify.

Worried for her daughter’s safety after one too many brushes with the imperials Oram informed the Staedtler family of Alyssa’s activities. Worried for their reputation and needing someone to help Kimberly settle into her new political marriage, Alyssa was sent to the Ternax estate in hopes of preventing her from continuing her illegal activities. Working as the mechanic for the Ternax family, Alyssa is usually found elbow-deep repairing, rebuilding or maintaining the machinery used in the Ternax estate. When she isn’t fixing anything, she can be found tinkering with her faithful mouse droid or working on her speeder that she bought from a local junkyard.

Falling off the grid as Alyssa did, she knows it is a matter of time before someone from the underground tries to find her either for a job or for her head.

Alyssa-Straun Hammer

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