Star Wars Occupied front

Adventure away and damage close to home

Still unsure how to smuggle Strax’s goods into the city, Daniel Ternax decided to take the holiday that he told the Imperials he was going to take all along with Liv Corvus, Dr. Wellington Yueh, Rick makepeace, and Rick’s new friend (and the one who was to deliver the goods) San. The five of them spent the next three days away knowing that Yueh had asked the upstart mountain rebels to find a way into the city. When they returned there was such a way. A speeder had collided with part of the city wall and there was now a gap. The area was being cleaned up by Imperial troops but fortunately they had asked for assistance from Camillian forces allowing Daniel and Yueh to bluff their way through.

The group retired to Strax’s (and Rick took the opportunity to stash his stolen crystals in the toilets) and despite never having asked for payment the group was paid a collective 2000 credits and offered free drinks. Rick took his drinks as “Ternaxs”, Daniel was going to but seemed content with Yueh’s prototype “Ternax cure”. Yueh then got Rick into a fight in an attempt to distract him enough to give him the “cure”.
Then the door burst open and four individuals came in and shot Strax.

Daniel got up on a table yelling “For Strax!” dealing a little damage before being taken down. Rick shot down two of them and then made a shot through some of Strax’s product to cause a green explosion, killing one more attacker and sending the last running outside in flames. Yueh took the opportunity to attempt to save Strax who was in a bad way but with proper assistance might live. Rick meanwhile was unable to stop the last attacker from running into traffic leaving him in a similar critical condition. Soon an ambulance was called.

Daniel woke up in the hospital in the same room as Mago, where he was informed that both Strax and the last attacker where still in surgery and that the attacker was being guarded by Dyce Randen and Jaiden Mello. Jaiden came over and Daniel asked her if she thought the attack was directed at Strax or himself, to which she could only say that it is well known that he associated with Strax and spends time at his bar. Rick looked around and found that while the attacker was in a well maintained guarded surgery room, Strax was in a smaller more forgotten branch.
Yueh came to Daniel and said that without additional assistance Strax would likely die but that if he did it could effectively eliminate all of Daniel’s criminal connections in one go, after some thought Daniels only response was, “Sorry Strax”.

What a guy

Casual weekend Drive
The Ternax household decide to get away from it all

The declaring of martial law and reallocation of security on Camilla effected many in the Capital many for the worse, among them was local businessman Strax who was expecting a shipment that might not receive as warm a welcome as he would like once it made it to the city gates fortunately Strax could always call on his good friend Daniel Ternax for assistance Daniel of corse was happy to assist. Liv Corvus was able to procure a vehicle from “cousin Berric” and Dr. Wellington Yueh and Rick makepeace decided to come along for the ride.

Daniel claimed he was leaving for a brief (3 day) holiday to get away from his wife but was soon traveling up the theoretically unused mountain path, fortunately Liv was a good enough driver to get them through more or less safely, that is until they where ambushed by a couple of individuals with blaster rifles there was a short fight before Daniel was able to negotiate a truce he then tried to scale the mountain up to their attackers but having failed allowed Liv to follow their directions to drive onward.

The group was led to where the five young Camillian citizens had begun to set up a small resistance to the Imperial occupation apparently inspired by Michael Makepeace (What. A. Guy.) it was also revealed that they had attacked the transport Strax had been waiting for and captured the driver. The driver (San) was quite hostile but Yueh was able to negotiate while Daniel and Rick inspected the cargo, apparently a strange type of crystal and quite a lot of it. Rick hoped there was enough f it that no one would miss a few if he quietly pocketed them.

after all this the question remained How could this cargo be smuggled into the city?

5th Legion
The Empire become aware of an organised rebellion

In the captured Imperial outpost Daniel Ternax received word that more Imperials would be arriving to pick up the prisoners, enough Imperials that he knew that he had to leave, additionally he received word from Planetary Governor William Cornelius Ortega that he was to attend an important meeting back in the capital. While Rick makepeace executed the remaining troopers and Liv Corvus secured transportation and left evidence that a larger force had attacked, Daniel made a point to keep the scout that he had impersonated (Jim) alive telling him to leave the planet, he also named his rebellion “5th Legion” and burnt a 5 into a wall. As the party left with three Imperial trucks, the bace’s prisoners and the armoury’s guns Liv contacted “Cousin Beric” to arrange a place for them to go and indeed the trucks and weapons where traded for discretion.

Daniel was then able to arrive late to his meeting where he found out that an Imperial troop transport had been expertly attacked apparently by one man as a result at least as a temporary measure one hundred Imperial troops would be added to the capital along with another ten thousand to spread amongst the planet, additionally more security checks would be added to the palace and the most important guarding positions including the entrances and exits of the city would be guarded exclusively by the new Imperial troops. Daniel did not raise a protest to any of these measures,

In more Important news Rick “The Ion Cannon” makepeace was scheduled to fight Val “Iceman” Kazansky at Strax‘s. At first Rick wanted to throw the fight and bet against himself but pride got the better of him at the last moment before the fight his companions however had already bet against him. Val got in some good hits early on but Rick was able to get hold of his arm, force him to his knees and do some serious damage before long it looked soon to be over with Val on his hands and knees at the edge of the ring, but Rick was unable to finish him and Val broke his leg, Rick tried to fight on but a stomp to the same leg finished him, leaving Val the winner and Rick Yueh’s responsibility.

Not to long after Daniel was called into another meeting where he was briefed on the information Jim had reported about the base attack although fortunately he could not Identify any of the attackers as he spent the attack unconscious. In response Planetary Governor William Cornelius Ortega declared the Camillian capital to be in a state of martial law.

Mountainside visit
The rebels attack an Imperial camp

While they where waiting for their tracking to finish, members of the Ternax household went to Strax‘s to witness Rick makepeace’s debut as The Ion Cannon. It turned out to be quite the successful debut leading to Rick, Daniel Ternax and Liv Corvus’s Grandma profiting from the endeavour as well of corse Strax.

After that was done Rick, Daniel, Liv and Dr. Wellington Yueh followed the Dr’s tracker and found a Imperial camp hidden in the mountains. Rick was able to stun a scout (Jim) and Daniel was able to take his uniform and speeder to infiltrate the facility. With the uniform and face concealing helmet Daniel was able to move throughout the facility as Jim improvising during conversations about his debts and upcoming marriage stoically.He discovered where prisoners where being kept and the overseer who had access, meanwhile Rick took advantage of his scoped rifle and vantage point and began shooting, Liv then took this opportunity so send a speeder bike hurtling off a cliff into the camp through a wall into a mell hall and on to a trooper, Rick then caused it to explode taking out the troopers in the room including Daniel.

To Yueh’s surprise Liv then started driving their speeder (with Yueh inside) up the hill towards the camp dodging blaster bolts before wedging the speeder between the closing doors of the camps gate flying out into a combat roll and shooting a trooper. Yueh was then able to revive Daniel (and eventually Liv) and the prisoners where released and convinced by Daniel to help capture the last of the Imperial resistance

Delving Underworld
The Rebels investigate "The saucy Sarlacc"

Daniel Ternax led Dr. Wellington Yueh, Liv Corvus and Rick makepeace in their continued investigation of disappearances in the lower sections of Camilla, given the choice of a Casino, a “gentleman’s club” and a brothel, Daniel choice the brothel and they headed off to “The saucy Sarlacc”.

Alyssa-Straun Hammer was able to identify the locations as apparently belonging to Rugo Shif. At “the Sarlacc” Daniel and Rick began “investigating” while Wellington waited in the “car”, Liv noticed some bouncers lurking in the shadows particularly as they went up to ambush Rick who was at that point impersonating his brother. The fight that ensued went very well for the Ternax household and soon the guards where incapacitated and Yueh had joined in.

That group minus Daniel then moved on to the hidden back room where kidnaped patrons where stored before being loaded onto a mysterious transport. There was some attempt at subterfuge before another fight begun which also went well for the rebels save for a painful blaster burn in Rick’s side. Before long the immediate area was cleaned and a unfortunate guard was sent off with an implanted tracker.

The party gains 10XP

Cleaning up
Explosions, yelling, hitting and Kippers

As an explosion erupts in Camilla’s capital Liv Corvus drives her Imperial supply truck back to the scene to help, she is still there when Daniel Ternax and Dr. Wellington Yueh arrive. Yueh was imminently in and saving lives including Mago Zarn who was guarding the factory when it exploded. Daniel attempts to take control of the situation and coordinate efforts and he sees some success before the Empire takes control. He then attempts to draw attention to the Empires actions loudly and is arrested for disrupting their efforts, he is taken to a holding facility and is briefly questioned before Yueh “convinces” the Imperials to release him.

The group retires to Strax’s and Daniel after hearing that his wife is “composing” a response to him agrees to try a “Ternax” resuulting in him being quite loud, sociable and generous until Yueh rendered hm unconscious. The next day after a false alarm with the fire alarm Daniel went to visit Mago and Yueh decided continue working on Mago’s case. Later while Rick makepeace was enjoying some days without Mrs Ternax Michael Makepeace turned up at the Ternax estate asking after his brother, shortly after Daniel found information regarding persons disappearing from the lower parts of town, the information is suspected to have been dropped of by Michael (What a guy)

Before to long the group was back at Strax’s for lunch/information and while Daniel was purchasing information Rick managed to start another brawl with the locals and he was able to defeat the first disgruntled individual, he did less well against that man’s two friends. This did however give Strax the idea to start some sort of fighting competition involving Rick Daniel was on board.

Since character creation the party has received 10XP

Rick, Daniel, Yueh and Alyssa receive an extra 5XP

(you know what you did)

Getting on with the Imperials
The first public strikes against the Empire begin

Daniel Ternax now back in the capital resumed working at the central palace where he was informed by The Governor that he was to divert guards to protect a series of buildings the Empire was using for unknown purposes. Meanwhile Liv while looking out for interesting information “befriended” Imperial bureaucrat Egor who invited her to a party later that night.

At the Ternax estate a reprogrammed protocol droid arrived and was interrogated by Content Not Found: alyssa-stronghammer and Rick makepeace and found out about resources being convoyed into the city and the possibility that the buildings the Empire was using where being used as secret weapon factories this however could wait until after the party.

Liv invited Rick along but Rick upon realising that everyone else at the party was Imperial decided to use his brother’s name but after a unusually aggressive volleyball game found that he had begun to make an enemy of The other partygoers and by the end of the night had broken nose, jaw and pride, Liv however got on reasonably well with her new Imperial “friends” even after breaking up the proceedings with blaster fire and was able to acquire a copy of “Iceman’s” Identification. Daniel for his part was less than pleased when he read the police report the next morning even less so when Rick received a heavily encoded message from offworld presumably at great expense that read “From Michael Makepeace. I Know” this worried Daniel enough to send rick into hiding with Liv’s grandmother.

Even without Rick the group wanted to disrupt the Imperial factories they where committed to resistance now. The plan was for Alyssa to build a sabotage droid that Liv could drive into the factory. So while Alyssa left to find droid parts Liv asked Egor to help get her work with the Imperial convoys and Daniel “employed” Strax to help make sure one of the drivers wouldn’t be able to make it to work and a job would be available. All of this went ahead as planned and soon Liv was moonlighting as an Imperial driver and was able to confirm that blasters and explosives where being manufactured at the facility. After a few weeks it was time the droid was delivered and had been programmed to sabotage any equipment it found.

At 10:15 AM in the Camilla capital the sound on an explosion was heard and smoke was seen rising from the city.

Acquiring the Imperials network
The Party helps out Strax with his Imperial problem

The Ternax household having heard of a secret Imperial initiative to set up secret cameras and defence turrets throughout the higher ends of the Capital to prepare for a possible rebellion, this information led to the Ternax household to rebellion.

Kimberly Ternax took her husband and Rick makepeace to the Burges estate to plant a device Content Not Found: alyssa-stronghammer had made to remotely disable the camera looking to the estate so as to draw suspicion to the Burges. After a short and somewhat awkward visit Rick was able to plant the device an the way out more or less successfully.

Meanwhile Alyssa herself and (?) went to visit Strax at his establishment as they had found out that the secret Imperial operation was based out of one of his back rooms. Alyssa was able to find out form Strax that the officer in charge would be arriving there tomorrow a man named Draigh

The next day while Kimberly enjoyed a day off the rest of the household went over to Strax’s place before Draigh could arrive Alyssa took over for Strax at the bar Daniel subdued one of the two bored (slightly drunk) guards and everyone else prepared for Draighs arrival. When he did Alyssa distracter him before into a exposed position before the ambush began leaving Draigh unconscious and one other guard very dead.

The group found the back rooms full of Imperial workers but also guarded it was however cleared out by a stun grenade from Daniel. searching the setup it became clear that this Operation was not endorsed by or even known about by Draigh’s superiors. In exchange for the continued use of the back rooms and the equipment inside Strax was provided with the funds to fix up his establishment and make it the thriving centre for illegal deals it was always supposed to be.

Experience gained: will work out when i can get a look at the book


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